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Inside Kendall Square

Kendall Square is a place, and a state of mind. It’s where students and experts tackle the toughest problems on earth, and seasoned scientists tap into the energy of entrepreneurs to launch inventions that change the world. HUBweek invites you inside Kendall Square to experience the most innovative square mile on the planet. Come to bump and connect with change-makers at a moveable feast of events ranging from bees, to biomedicine, to beauty. World-renowned research institutions open their labs, and leaders loosen their ties, to share stories and works-in-progress with the community.

Take part in curated conversations. Party-on with artists and foodies. Join the esprit de corps that makes Boston and Cambridge the place to be.

Most events are free, but kindly RSVP so we can welcome you when you get here.

Full event details here; event map below.